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Michelin star

Texel, one of the most beautiful places on earth and our home. Texel is a source of inspiration for all our culinary creations. At Bij Jef you will be served local produce of absolute world class.

Welcome to Bij Jef hotel & restaurant

Creative gastronomy based on local quality produce.

Michelin guide Netherlands 1 star rating

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At Bij Jef you will eat whatever Texel’s natural wealth has on offer that day. Pure tastes without ado, served in perfect harmony with wines selected by our sommelier and hostess Nadine. A true experience for gourmets who like to be surprised.

Taste the treasures of the ‘Wad.’

The rooms feel like a welcome sea breeze.

Michelin guide Netherlands, rating: 1 star

Home english - Bij Jef Home english - Bij Jef Home english - Bij Jef

In our experience, one day on Texel is not enough. This is why we offer various arrangements. Dream away in one of our twelve luxury design suites. You will wake up well rested the next morning and enjoy Jef’s famous breakfast.

Stay the night in a luxury hotel suite


Young, unconventional, self-confident, with guts and pure love for the job.

Pieter Nijdam, Telegraaf. rating: very good

Experience Texel and the ‘Wad’ like you have never done before. Jef and Nadine bring nature as close as they can, giving it their own twist, on and off the plate. In this way they let their guests experience their treasured island in an unparalleled manner.

What is their philosophy?