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Michelin star
Cooking is my way of putting Texel
on a global stage

Jef Schuur

World-class gastronomy is all about an experience on a plate and good hosting. Bij Jef is the only place in the world where you can discover the ‘Waddeneilanden’ in this unique way.

Philosophy - Bij Jef Philosophy - Bij Jef Philosophy - Bij Jef

Combined with the surprising and perfectly paired wines of sommelier and hostess Nadine, this culinary odyssey is as irresistible as the island itself; the source of all this beauty.

It’s not enough when it’s just very good, I have to feel jitters in my stomach.

Nadine Mögling

Our kitchen's garden ensures that we bring nature even closer to our guests. A true tasting sensation of the very freshest biologically produced products on your plate as they were meant to be, directly harvested from our garden.

Philosophy - Bij Jef Philosophy - Bij Jef Philosophy - Bij Jef

Bij Jef offers a complete experience. After a day of walking, golfing, cycling or surfing, our guests can sit back, relax and enjoy an evening-filling culinary programme. Jef will serve you the best the island has to offer, in the form of authentic, pure and very refined dishes.

We wish to offer our guests a relaxed atmosphere in which they can let their worries go and truly unwind. Next to our fantastic products this is the greatest gift that Texel has to offer. A gift we want to share with as many people as possible.