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Together with six associated Hotel Patrons, we hereby offer you a Gastronomic Tour through the Netherlands.

A Gastronomic Tour through the Netherlands. Stay at the most beautiful locations, dine and enjoy luncheon at the highest level and travel along breathtaking regional routes suggested to you by the chef at your destination. During this journey you will discover the chefs favourite secret places in Holland.

You will visit the Patrons of your choice, where you will stay the night and dine at the very highest level. During the day, you will discover the region through the eyes of the Patron. You will be lead along the most picturesque pearls that the Dutch landscape has to offer, visiting a variety of national parks, sea, woodlands and heaths, as well as wide variety of cultural and historical highlights and visits to artisanal producers and distributors.

A once in a lifetime holiday for those of you who truly enjoy travel, discovery, touring and gastronomy.

You determine the length and content of the tour yourself and simply tell our service partner your preferences after which they will lay out your Gastronomic Tour for you.

Locations and sights
Holland at its very purest and best: why not combine sailing with your visit to Giethoorn, and restaurant De Lindenhof**, or go on a walk across the ‘Wad’ when you stay at Bij Jef on Texel, or even descend to restaurant the Valuas* and enjoy the views across the river Meuse. All these options are available to you. If you wish to culinary enhance your holiday even more, it is possible to stop for lunch at one of the fifteen other Patrons Cuisiniers locations.

Your route, our service
How you fill in your holidays programme and length is entirely up to you; choose a route which will make your culinary heart skip a beat! Nothing is determined in advance, feel free to choose one, two or all seven locations on your personalized tour. Please apply here for the brochure or click here to book your tour online.